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Beef Jerky

Discover the Perfect Meat for any Meal

Enjoy delicious beef, pork and lamb, raised on local farms, and experience flavor like you never imagined. At Ben's Custom Meat Processing, we stand behind the incredible quality of our retail meat products. We only use quality, USDA certified beef. Call us at 503-864-2500 today, or visit the shop!

Explore a fantastic range of options

  • Summer sausage: Available in 4 flavors (mild, mild with cheese, jalapeño, jalapeño with cheese)

  • Pepperonis: Available in 3 flavors (mild, jalapeño, teriyaki)

  • Beef jerky: Available in 7 flavors (mild, peppered, sweet and garlic, sweet and spicy, teriyaki, hot, habanero)

  • Bacon: Available in 2 flavors (regular, peppered)

  • Beer sausage: Available in 4 flavors (mild, Oktoberfest, bratwurst, red hots)

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Looking for smoky flavor?

Sink your teeth into something delicious! Our nitrate-free smoked meats are available upon request!

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